How much Brasil Cacau do you need for business purposes? Learn how to save!

We know that Brasil Cacau keratin straightening is one of the most popular hair care procedures in many beauty salons across the globe. How can you save money being a salon owner? How much of Brasil Cacau you will need? Check out this article in order to find out all the answers!


Brasil Cacau products are available in bottles of various volumes - 110, 300, and 1000 ml. In order to calculate how many products are needed for 100 applications, take into account the length and thickness of the client’s hair. On average, one bottle of 1000 ml is enough for 6-8 uses. We always recommend purchasing large bottles of the product, as it is more economical. On average you will need approximately 12-14 1000 ml bottles for 100 applications. Calculate how many Brasil Cacau procedures your clients have per month, so you can understand how much bottles of Brasil Cacau you will need in a month. Remember that regular Brasil Cacau clients do the keratin straightening procedure less often than new clients thanks to the cumulative effect of the keratin. This is another one secret of saving: watch your customers do the procedures on time in order to preserve the cumulative effect.


Don’t forget that high-quality procedure saves your money as well! You won’t have unsatisfied clients that will refuse to pay money for the poor procedure. 


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