How much keratin do you need for a year?

Keratin hair straightening is not a cheap procedure, even if you do it at home.  Many women wonder how many procedures will be needed per year? Well, the exact number depends on certain factors that we’ve mentioned in this article. Keep on reading!


In case if you forgot we remind you that the effect of the Brasil Cacau keratin straightening lasts up to 6 months - this is the longest period ever! Thus, if you are lucky enough, you will need to do the procedure 2 times a year, however, usually, 3 or 4 procedures are required.


The duration of the keratin straightening effect depends on many factors. Keratin has a cumulative effect. If you do the procedure for the first time, the duration of its effect won’t be 6 months, but the effect of each following procedure will last longer and longer! In addition, the following factors affect the duration of the keratin straightening effect:


  • hair structure;
  • hair length;
  • initial hair condition;
  • hair care after keratin straightening;
  • frequency of hair washing;
  • frequency of hair dyeing.


Do not forget about the use of sulfate-free shampoos that can prolong the keratin effect. Sulfate-free shampoos carefully treat thin keratin film around each thin hair. Usual shampoos that can be bought in every supermarket wash off this film, ruining the condition of your hair. The longer keratin stays on your hair, the longer its protection against environmental influences will last. Therefore, many popular companies produce shampoos that do not contain sulfates for home use.

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