How should beauty salons work with partners?

A million articles have been written about how cool it is to work with partners: clients line up, there is almost no investment. However, in reality, it turns out that no one comes and calls. Is it a familiar situation for you? Let's figure out what is the secret of working with partners. Today we will reveal all the tips, keep on reading!

The secret of success of working with partners is the goal of cooperation. You need to understand what you want to get out of this cooperation, then all your actions will be aimed at achieving this goal. For example, your partner's goal is to increase loyalty, your goal is to get new customers. Then you can make some special certificates for your partners, which they will give to their customers and increase loyalty, and you will serve new customers. Your cooperation will be profitable and transparent.

Take a look at your salon. When your stylists and administrators aren’t interested in a promotion, they will promote nothing. They will say: “I forgot to offer her this, this client won’t be interested in that". If you’re cooperating with a flower salon, then your employees will have to promote its products or certificates. Imagine that you can’t promote even your offers, for example, keratin treatment at a discount, not to mention promoting partners' offers. That’s a disaster. Therefore, it’s important that the staff of your partners is interested in promoting your services, otherwise, they will remain forgotten.

Think about how you could motivate your partner's employees: it could be discounts on your services or gift certificates. How about a nice discount on the hair smoothing treatment?

Discuss staff training before starting the collaboration. People who will offer your collaboration should know everything about the products that they will have to promote: their peculiarities, benefits, etc.
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