How to Achieve That Golden Work-Life Balance

As women, we work very hard in the XXI century because we always want to be independent and capable to pay our own bills and even more. That’s amazing and we truly support ladies who can’t imagine their lives without work, but what about the healthy balance between work and personal life? How can you achieve it?
Firstly, we need to understand whether we are happy with the way we live or not.
Secondly, it is worth deciding what work-life balance means for us. After all, the balance between business and personal life is not just the distribution of time between these spheres. This is our internal balance, which cannot be expressed as a percentage. It’s rather flexible and agile: today we are passionate about work, tomorrow our attention is switched to family, the day after tomorrow we are concentrated on our friends, etc. Our priorities change at different stages of life.
Thirdly, we must clearly understand what exactly has to be done if we want to change something in our life, and what price we will have to pay for this.
We are used to the fact that the personal life of a human means a relationship with the opposite sex: love, family, sex, etc. "personal" life is the life of our PERSONALITY, it’s everything that arises emotions, feelings in us. For some people, the source of emotions is the family, for others - their own business, and so on.
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