How to apply Brazil Cacau on short hair?

When we hear about the keratin straightening procedure, we often imagine a woman with beautiful long hair.  However, short hair is beautiful in its own way too! Short haircuts often look edgy and sexy, making a woman look fresher.  Consequently, many women with short hair choose keratin straightening as their number 1 hair care procedure. What are the peculiarities of applying keratin on short hair?


In fact, the keratin application on short hair is just the same as in the case of long hair. You will only need less product, so the price for the procedure will be lower as well. Lucky you! The basic steps of the Brazil Cacau Keratin application are described below.


  1. Wash your hair with a special Anti - Residue Shampoo 2 times. Dry your hair without using a hairbrush or comb (leave your hair a little bit wet).


  1. Apply Thermal Reconstructor on your hair, which was firstly divided into several strands. Don’t apply the reconstructor on hair roots. Brush your hair.


  1. Fully dry your hair with COLD air. Use a flat iron on each strand for 5-7 times.  Choose the temperature regime according to your hair type.


  1. Let the hair cool down, wash the hair without the shampoo. The last step - applying of Deep Conditioning Mask.  Wash it off with warm water and blow-dry your hair with warm air.


Here it is! Don’t be afraid of trying keratin straightening if you have short hair. You will be pleased with the result!

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