How to attract a rockstar team

You should have a strong team for your beauty salon to become successful. So if you want to hire a ROCKSTAR team, first of all, you are supposed to advertise your business as a prosperous salon and let your potential employer know that you have a vacant position.
But before constructing an ad, we recommend you to think what kind of worker you want to see in your team. Answer the following questions:
1) Is your perfect employee a qualified specialist, on work experience or a beginner?
2) Does your perfect employee have to have years of experience?
3) What are their customer care qualities and skills?
4) What are their abilities and technical skills?
5) What is their attitude toward life?
5) Do they like working on their own or in a team?
6) Are they eager to learn something new and have training?
7) What are your perfect employee’s personal interests?
8) Do you want a new team member to be similar or different from the rest staff?
After answering all these questions, you will have an ideal specialist’s image in your mind. It will help you to make appropriate advertising and attract the desired person to your beauty salon.
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