How to Attract New Customers via Social Media?

If you effectively use such social media platforms as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, it can both increase the engagement of users with your salon and attract many new customers. How can you do it? Keep on reading to find everything out!

First of all, pay close attention to your content. In general, it should be consistent and interesting both for your potential and already existing customers. The content of the beauty salon (or a single stylist) Instagram account is based on the demonstration of the stylist’s works: haircuts, hairstyles, manicure, pedicure, etc. You have to show the process and result, stylists and clients, the atmosphere of the salon, and the products used.

Besides, you can change your standard Instagram profile to a business profile, thus you will have an opportunity to check the user activity and find out the best time to post your pictures and videos. By the way, not only pictures but also videos are important! There should be a lot of both if you want to become popular on Instagram and attract new customers.

Always mind the background of the picture as well as the lighting and nice camera. We don’t say that you should necessarily buy a professional camera since the iPhone camera will be more than enough! The key is how you use it!

If, after reading this article, you understand that the Instagram of your salon isn’t that perfect, take our advice into service ASAP!
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