How to attract & retain clients through new year wellbeing trends

All salon owners will agree that after super lavish and busy December, January seems to be quite an uncertain month. In this article, you will find some useful tips on how you can attract new clients by leveraging the wellbeing trends that consume this quieter time of year.
First of all, we already mentioned the New Year New Me trend, when many people promise themselves to be a better version of themselves in the new year. Your salon can become a destination where all your clients can transform their look!
Pay attention not just to the procedures but the environment as well. Make sure that you create an atmosphere that will help your clients to get away from all the life stresses.
Evaluate your salon furniture and decor, make sure that they look pretty new and inspiring. Besides, we recommend you to play nice soft music in your salon. By the way, don’t forget about the candles! They always create a magical atmosphere, that’s exactly what you need for Christmas time!
One more important thing is not to forget about your staff! After all, your stylists and hairdressers maintain positive relationships and work hard for the sake of your salon! Thus, try to be the best manager ever!
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