How to attract visitors to your website for free

The question that all site owners without exception are asking is how to increase traffic? There is a website, but no money for its advertising. Perhaps, there is a budget, but it’s not large. Try the following methods that will work!
1. Create pages on social networks. This will allow you to receive referrals from interested users from the very first days of the project. Community admins on Facebook can invite friends to visit it.
2. Join Communities. Join professional and industry communities. This is a great way to quickly get acquainted with niche trends, as well as communicate with interesting people, attract the attention of partners and potential customers to your business, and, as a result, website.
3. Write more often. Find topics and newsfeeds for regular publications. For example, many people are interested in keratin complex treatment and cause of hair breakage. The more often you remind your clients of yourself, the more interesting things your potential audience will find! Scarce, uninteresting, rarely updated content is one of the reasons for low traffic.
4. Follow trends. In each niche, new trends regularly appear, on the wave of popularity of which you can get your own piece of the traffic pie. A simple and straightforward tool for monitoring user demand - Google Trends.
5. Your strong point is variety. Create different types of content. For example, presentations with their subsequent posting on Use infographics. No design skills? No problem! Use and similar services.
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