How to bring new clients to a beauty salon with the help of promoters

Promoters are a good old way of attracting clients to your salon. Some people may consider it to be outdated and non-effective but this promotion strategy can work magic if implemented correctly! Keep on reading and find out how to bring new clients to a beauty salon with the help of promoters!
How to choose a promoter
This is the most important step. You need to understand what a person is, what he looks like. You need one that will not scare away, but attract potential customers. It should be a nice, neat person (man or woman). The promoter should be charming and attractive. A calm and inactive person will not be suitable for this role.
How to train a promoter
Your promoter must understand who you are, understand the promotion that he is offering. Besides, he should be able to show how to get to the salon. It is very important!
If the promoter does not tell about the promotion and does not show how the client will benefit from it, then the flyer will be thrown in the trash can. There is a psychological technique - to notice a person from the crowd, to interest him and to engage him.
In order for promoters to try to attract more people to your beauty salon, they need to be motivated, otherwise, they will just silently give away flyers. However, if they are motivated enough, they will not be able to keep silent.
You can tell a promoter that he gets $5 an hour. However, he will receive an additional $2 for each person with a flyer that comes to the salon (if there are less than 10 people), and $3 for each person with a flyer if from 10 to 20 people come, etc.
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