How to build loyalty with your salon clients

Creating good relationships with your clients is a perfect way to have a great number of loyal clients. Of course, each person coming into your salon wants to look his best, so if you give him a good piece of advice apart from providing high-quality services, it will help him to establish a trust relationship with your salon. In this article, we will tell you how to build loyalty with your salon clients, keep on reading!
First of all, apart from the services provided in your salon, you should offer individual consultation to each client. It will show your client that you are ready to examine his hair issues and find an exclusive solution to them. Thus, you will show that you take care of your client and not just try to sell him as many services as possible.
Secondly, there are some client loyalty programs aimed at influencing clients for years. If you know that the level of competitiveness of your salon and other salons is really high, then a loyalty program should become an essential part of your marketing strategy. For example, you can offer clients free treatments or gifts for their loyalty to your salon.
Thirdly, your stylists should tell your client that he or she needs to maintain the salon hairstyle of treatment. Suggest a client make an appointment after a particular period. You can also ask your stylists to indicate a client a certain interval of time when he should come for the second treatment.
Finally, your administrator or receptionist should kindly force the words said to the client before by a stylist and suggest a more specific time for the next visit. They should be persistent enough but not too pushy as it can annoy the client. Besides, don’t be afraid to little overestimate the schedule of your salon on purpose, as the client who knows that the salon doesn’t have many appointments can leave without rebooking thinking that he can just come and get a treatment at any time, so making an appointment beforehand is pointless.
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