How to choose a hair towel?

Healthy and beautiful hair requires proper care. We carefully choose shampoos, balms, hair styling products, try not to use the hairdryer and heat devices frequently. However, quite often we can’t achieve the ultimate goal which is to make our hair silky and smooth. Many ladies don’t even think about the fact that the cause of naughty, too dry, or brittle curls can be a wrong hair towel.
Towel for quick and gentle hair drying should meet the following requirements:
- quickly absorb excess moisture;
- prevent damage of the hair structure;
- protect the scalp from irritating;
- be hypoallergenic;
- hold on tightly to your head if you need to leave the product on your hair for a while.
Microfiber hair towel meets all the requirements. This is the best material for hair towels. The advantage of it is the special structure of microfibers that are 100 times thinner than human hair, and 20 times thinner than silk thread.
Microfiber absorbs moisture three times faster than cotton, so the hair drying process is accelerated. At the same time, the process is gentle, so the fabric doesn’t damage the hair structure or irritate the scalp!
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