How to choose a premise for a beauty salon?

It is worth thinking about the premises of the future salon from the day you wanted to open it. Why so early? Find it out in this article!
When you start looking for a premise, you should already imagine the concept of the future salon, its segment and consider your start-up capital, of course. If in the process of opening a salon you suddenly want to change the concept or segment, this will lead to additional costs.
So start with a simple question: how do you see your beauty salon?
In order to start searching for premises, decide in what segment your salon will be operating and what kind of people it will work with. It is very important to understand this before starting your search for a room.
Which area to choose?
The area is a very important criterion. The area of ​​the premises is the cost of repairs, monthly rent and further operation. Don’t even think that a spacious premise with a huge area will definitely suit you. If you have an enormous budget, only then you can choose a large space. However, if the budget is limited, then don’t strive to have a 100 square meters room. Usually, economy and business class salons are about 60-80 square meters, no more.
Don’t consider as an option a housing stock that needs to be converted to a non-residential one. Consider commercial property only.
Do not listen to people who say that an office space can be easily converted into a beauty salon. It is not true. Look for a free-use space and pay attention to renting - only long-term rentals can be an option!
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