How to choose a professional stylist to apply keratin treatment?

In order to find a stylist specializing in Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment you can use search engines. It is advisable to consult more than one specialist before you make a decision of which salon to visit.

When consulting a hair professional it is desirable to prepare a few questions in advance.

First of all, it is necessary to learn why the stylist recommends keratin treatment of why he advises you to use it if he practices several treatment types.

Then you need to learn whether the treatment is formaldehyde-free. If not, a proper ventilation ought to be in the salon.

After this, learn what treatment results will be and whether hair will be made completely straight. It is also necessary to ask whether you will have a chance to curl your hair after the therapy when you wish to style it in that way. Also learn about the duration of the therapy effect and whether the roots will be noticeable when they grow. 

If you have an unusual hair which requires special car, ask the expert whether he has experience of working with your hair in particular.

Ask as many questions as you have and don’t be shy.

It is also necessary to take into account that if you live far from a big city, the stylists in your surrounding area may not vast experience of applying keratin treatment. Even if they are not experienced enough, you will manage to gauge confidence in them if they really appreciate keratin treatment products and wish to apply them

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