How to choose a stylist who will represent your salon?

As a reputable luxurious beauty salon, you should have a top stylist that will represent your salon and be the face of it. However, many salon owners don’t know how to choose such a specialist, as all of them seem to be super professionals, at least according to their own words and portfolios. So, how can you find a top stylist and make the right choice? We’ve got all the answers!

- Use social media. Nowadays many masters prefer working on their own, however, if you offer a master nice working conditions that will let him become even more popular and demanded, he won’t reject your offer. Check the Instagram accounts of hairstylists of your city and find those which you like.

- Pay account to the master’s portfolio. It’s the most crucial moment. Carefully look through the pictures, examine the master’s signature style. Always remember that some dishonest masters can steal the pictures from portfolios of famous colleagues. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them to master.

- Test a potential master. Find a person that will be ready to become a model for the master that you have chosen or plan to choose. Ask him to cut or dye the model’s hair according to one of his favorite techniques demonstrated in his portfolio. It’s the best way to see the actual skills of a person.

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