How to clean the salon after the Holidays?

Holidays are quite a busy season for beauty salons all around the world. We have successfully celebrated Christmas and the New Year. Now it’s time to clean all the mess up. What are the tips that will help you to bring your salon back to a perfect tidiness?

  - The process of cleaning up the beauty salon is complicated by the specifics of the materials used by the masters. For example, a hairdresser may leave a stain of hair dye during work. Such dye is very difficult to remove. That is why you should carefully choose cleaning products that can cope with complex stains and preserve the finishing material.


  - Proper disposal of waste is of great importance for maintaining the cleanliness of the salon. This can be hair, single-use materials, dangerous tools such as needles, disposable razors and more. In order to prevent the spread of infections, used items should first be disinfected, then packaged in sealed containers or bags and sent to a special service for disposal.

  - Bear in mind that you should use special equipment for cleaning both the main and utility rooms, as well as toilets. The equipment should be marked and stored in separate storage cabinets adapted for this purpose.

A separate storage cabinet is needed for the storage of equipment intended for cleaning the toilet. In addition to the usual marking, such equipment should have a different color, for example, red. After cleaning the beauty salon, the inventory should be washed with detergents, disinfected and dried.

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