How to communicate with your clients! Do or doesn't!

Communication is the main means to establish a trusting relationship with a client. With the development of communication skills, the stylist begins to better understand the wishes of the client and the ways of satisfying him. Check out our list of do’s and don’ts for the perfect communication with the client.


 - During the conversation, keep eye contact with the client in order to show your interest in what he says.

 - Repeating and paraphrasing will allow the client to feel that you understand what exactly he needs.

 - Calling the client by name will convince him that you personally care about him. Therefore, always try to call the customer by name when it’s appropriate.

 - Ask unobtrusive questions - this will give the client the opportunity to actively participate in the conversation.

 - Be sincere and friendly so that the client feels: he is a welcome guest here.

 - Smile - it relieves stress.

 - Nod your head while the client speaks - he will feel interested and will give more detailed answers.


 - Don’t discuss personal problems, but if the client decides to share his own, treat this with understanding, avoiding giving any piece of advice and expressing your opinion.

 - Don’t make negative and critical comments. They will spoil the conversation, making the customer feel confused.

 - Don’t interrupt the client - this annoys him, and he won’t have any wish to participate in the conversation.

 - Don’t rush - this will make the client anxious and nervous.

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