How to create your own course on keratin hair straightening?

If you’re a keratin treatment professional and literally know this procedure at your fingertips, why not create your own course? It seems to be hard, however, if organized correctly, such a course can be very beneficial both for you and your future students!


First of all, you should know that each course consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. Below you’ll find the important topics which should be covered in both parts:


 - Hair structure. The role of keratin. 

 - Types of hair damages and identification of their causes.

 - Hair types. The concept of hair density.

 - Feature of keratin hair straightening. Indications and contraindications.

 - Types and main differences of the keratin products. Active ingredients of the formula.

 - The main mistakes when working with the client.

 - Keratin hair straightening technologies.

 - Tools for performing the procedure. Safety at work.



 - Preparation of the client for the procedure. Hair diagnostics.

 - The sequence of application of products.

 - Work with different types of hair. The temperature regime of the flat iron. Recommendations at work.

 - Training on models. Rules of hair parting. Work with a hair iron.

  - Features of hair care after the procedure.

 - Economy of the procedure. How to create a customer base? Work with regular customers.


Just start from the beginning and follow this plan to create the best keratin treatment course ever!

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