How to deep condition hair?

Deep conditioning and moisturizing are one of the most important steps in hair care. It makes your hair shiny, moistened, eliminates frizz and brittleness. 

What product is the best for moisturizing? We are sure that it’s a hair mask. 

Cadiveu Brasil Cacau mask (Step 3) nourishes and moisturizes hair without making it heavier.  It has a regenerating effect on the hair. Besides, it increases the hair density, makes it perfectly straight and shiny for a period of 2 to 6 months. Due to deep nutrition, you can say goodbye to fluffiness and frizz. Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Mask contains several precious ingredients: keratin, cocoa butter, D-panthenol.

This deep conditioning mask is intended for the third and last stage of the keratin hair straightening procedure. It restores the acid-base balance and smoothes the hair cuticle, thereby fixing the result of the procedure. Do you know any other products that will produce so many magic effects on your hair? If you don’t, you’d better try this mask yourself in order to see how your hair becomes amazingly beautiful from the first use!

Some people think that the keratin treatment is enough for hair to look perfect. Well, it is for the first 2-3 days. Later on, you will need a mask to prolong the keratin effect. You can use this mask at home as a part of your home hair routine. 

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