How To Determine Hair Type of Your Client

Knowing the type to which your hair and scalp belong is the foundation on which their appearance and internal hair state are based. Without this information, it’s impossible to choose the right care products and care system, even for hairstylists. In modern cosmetology, there are usually four types of hair: oily, dry, normal or mixed type. Read the descriptions of them carefully, so you’ll be able to easily determine the hair type of your client. 


If the sebaceous glands work too actively, then excess sebum makes the hair heavier, making it lifeless and greasy.  Many people naturally have an oily scalp, thus they have to wash hair almost every day. Often blond hair is thinner than dark hair, so it becomes greasy faster, that is blondes oftener have oily hair than brunettes.


Dry hair looks limp and lifeless, vulnerable to heat and damage. The cause of dry hair is dehydration. The water content in the hair ranges from 4 to 13% of the total mass. Dry hair is often brittle and has split ends. 


Normal hair is considered shiny, elastic, healthy. This quality of hair can be easily achieved by adhering to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and the use of correctly selected hair care products.

Mixed type

The mixed hair type implies dry, curly hair with brittle split ends and oily roots. In this case, it is necessary to apply the care products separately to each zone.

We hope that our descriptions will help you to easily understand the hair type of your client, therefore picking the right treatment method for him. 

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