How to Fix An Extremely Grown Out Balayage

Summer is a season of holidays, vacations, and endless rest! During these pleasant activities, it’s so easy to forget about your regular visit to a hair salon. Later on, many women find themselves with the extremely grown out hair roots! What can you do if you have a complex hair dyeing, such as balayage? How can you fix the situation? Check out our article in order to find all the answers!

In the case of balayage, the hair is dyed in a crosswise way. However, unlike highlighting, the dyeing composition is applied along not the entire hair length, but a maximum of 2/3 of the hair. A hairstylist divides the entire hair into several areas, takes separate thin strands, applies hair dye to them, and carefully shades them to a lighter color. In the classic balayage option, highlights should contrast with dark hair roots.

Such hair dyeing nicely accentuates the shape of the graduated haircut and does not require frequent correction in a beauty salon. Hair can be dyed as often as you want. In order to maintain the nice look of the balayage, you should visit the beauty salon every 3 or 4 months, while the regular one-color hair dyings have to be refreshed every month.

You can always refresh your balayage with brightening hair cream. The effect of the cream will last until the next visit to the salon! That’s a real magic wand for all women who want their hair to look nice even without frequent salon visits!
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