How to get priceless feedback from salon clients

Do you want to learn what your customers think about your beauty salon? The best way to do this is to ask them. And in this article we’d like to tell you how to do this right.

Step 1: Choose your client feedback goals

Customers usually don’t have much free time, so try not to speak to them more than half an hour. Having such tight time limits you are supposed to pick a specific area of their client journey.

For example:

1. Clients’ booking experience (in the salon, on phone or online).
2. Their thoughts about your salon facilities.
3. Their thoughts about your procedures and services.
4. Their thoughts about your website, social and e-mail marketing.
5. Their opinion about your retail sales.

When you choose one of the aspects, focus on it and try to get detailed feedback.

Step 2: What salon customers to interview?

Now you are probably wondering what customers may provide you with the detailed feedback. In fact, you will need to interview about 5 customers for each aspect. To define these customers, you are recommended to make a selection of your ideal customers. Needless to say, you want more of these ideal customers so it’s useful to ask them what you should do to make your salon better.

Your ideal customers:
love the procedures provided by you
are easy to work with
often purchase your products and services
recommend you to their friends
highly profitable.

So define your ideal customers and ask if they have some free time to talk with you (if they don’t, ask them when they can do this…).

It’s also important to get feedback from customers of different groups:
age groups
new customers
loyal customers
used services (hair dyeing, skincare or manicure).
Asking people of different groups will allow you getting various points of views and ideas, which is necessary on the way of building a successful business.
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