How to improve salon customer service: a tip from Richard Branson

How to improve your beauty salon’s client service according to Richard Branson?
Branson said that he was hung up about traveling on their planes and visiting their companies having his notebook in order to talk with staff and see the details that make their experience one-of-a-kind. If you want to see more clients in your beauty salon, then you should answer to the following question: Do you serve coffee with individually wrapped cookies?

Didn’t you expect to hear that? No, do not think that there is something wrong with these cookies. Quite the contrary! We want you to treat your clients with something that can make them smile. You may say, “But our clients come to us to get their hair done, not to have a snack”. That’s true, we absolutely agree with you. However, this little touch may lead your business to success.

Thus, if you are eager to enhance your beauty salon’s client service, without investing too much, find time this week to see what little things you have in your salon carefully.

You may start with cookies. Just imagine you come to the salon to make your hair done and in addition to professional beauty procedures, they provide you with a cup of warm aromatic coffee and chocolate cookies. Isn’t it pleasant? What would you feel? I would feel that the salon cares me, they respect and love their clients and want them to feel comfortable and relaxed.

So if you want to have a successful business follow this Richard Branson’s tip. Regularly control your client service: pay attention to little things and cookies in your salon.
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