How to improve the service using a CRM program for a beauty salon

A CRM system for a beauty salon is an important component of business success! Such a system helps to maintain a client base, consider financial inflow and expenses, view statistics on the work of salon masters. Find out how can CRM be helpful to your salon in this article!
In industry-specific CRMs, there are usually additional options that are required particularly for this area of activity. For example, some CRMs for beauty salons have a widget thanks to which a client can make an appointment to a master himself without having to contact the receptionist. Besides, some widgets have special page builders for masters.
If you just randomly take any CRM system, it will likely have a lot of extra features that the beauty salon doesn’t need. You should choose a CRM that can solve the problems of the owners of beauty salons.
What tools and features should be in CRM for a beauty salon?
Planning tools. CRM should have a calendar of appointments and the possibility of scheduling them, taking into account the workload of the master. An online appointment widget for the client, which is automatically synchronized with the real-time calendar, will be the best option.
Notifications. Notifications by mail, SMS, or messenger, so that clients and masters do not forget about the appointment.
Client base. Detailed customer cards with the numbers and names of services. In some CRMs, it is possible to add photos of the service result to the card.
Reports. Detailed statistics on finances, as well as on masters.
Inventory control. This feature will be relevant if you sell any goods to customers (for example, shampoos and hair masks).
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