How to improve your salon business?

For your salon to be successful, you should constantly look for new ideas that will help you increase your salon revenue and client loyalty. What things should you develop in your salon in order for it to become even more reputable? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Encourage regular bookings
Provide your clients with an opportunity to book four appointments in a row. Make the fourth procedure a complimentary one. It’s a nice feeling when you get something just for free, so your clients will appreciate your care!
2. Boost your retail
Pay attention to the retail packages when 2-3 products are making up a whole set. Clients are more likely to buy such sets as all the products were already selected for them and they don’t have to waste extra time looking for a hair conditioner that will match a particular shampoo, for example.
3. Pay attention to the environment
Go green, as it will help to increase your salon’s reputation and show your clients that environmental problems aren’t alien to you. For example, you can use EasyDry Towels in your salon as well as recycle all disposable items: bowls, packages, napkins, brushes, etc.
4. Increase your salon’s popularity
Nowadays if a salon doesn’t have any social media coverage, it literally doesn’t exist. Try to reach to your local mass media for your salon to be promoted here.
5. Be active on social media
Social media allows you not just to stay in touch with your clients but to let them know about your new promotions as well as to provide them with any other important information. Besides, you can make special offers to your subscribers and followers! For example, you can give an exclusive promo code to your Facebook followers!
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