How to increase the average bill in a beauty salon?

Each business, as it develops, sets the task of increasing profits. One of the easiest ways to do this is to increase the average bill. With the right strategy, this can significantly affect the profitability of the salon. Increasing the average bill will also help identify those services and products that are most popular among customers.


In this article, we’ll offer you 3 ways to increase the average salon bill.


1. Offer a related service


You can motivate the client to spend more by offering them an additional service that will perfectly match what they initially came for. It’s important that this additional one is not too expensive for your client.


2. Recommend home care


The duration of a result of many procedures often depend not only on the work of the hairstylist, but also on home care. The recommendation of home care products is a very important part of the salon services. For a salon practicing the retail of products, such recommendations should be an obligatory part of all procedures provided.


3. Sell products in the retail zone


Selling products in a retail zone can be an excellent strategy to increase profits. That is why, if you can arrange this zone in your beauty salon, you definitely need to take advantage of it. Apart from the design, it’s very important to develop the principle of operation of the retail zone. 

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