How to increase your January bookings before the end of the year!

Perhaps you don’t think about January booking because of all the festive Christmas fuss but we recommend you thinking beforehand. Reasonable marketing planning and strategy at this stage will allow you to start a new year as amazing as you’re doing now because a new year often means that clients want to start all over, including their makeover and you can help them do that!
During the festive visit of your clients prepare the bait and tell them about your 2021 promotional packages. Do it in advance for a client to think over what you said. You can friendly remind your clients of your new offers in the early new year by email or text. Also remind your clients that they have an opportunity of quick bookings, don’t forget about it!
Check out all the treatments and procedures that you have in your salon and see what you could combine into a New Year New You treatment package, e.g. The clients are more likely to book if they know the treatment components. Besides, you can resell clients the package as a maintenance program to keep up the results. Before making any treatment package carefully think about the price and consider how much it will cost you!
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