How to introduce a vegan trend into your salon?

Vegan is a new sustainable way of life that we respect. There are more and more vegan cosmetics brands on the beauty market as well. Thus, many beauty salons owners have started to introduce the vegan trend. However, not all customers understand why this is really necessary. Let’s find it out in this article!

Have you ever seen how much waste your master creates during hair dyeing, for example? The key task of vegan trend is to make people protect the resources of the Earth. The solutions are: giving up or using less disposable materials and working with organic and vegan brands. By becoming "vegan-friendly", the salon will be able to attract more new visitors, including those with high income. That’s a great way to increase your sales and become more sustainable!

How can you introduce vegan trend into your salon?

 - Use vegan products. They are not tested on animals and meet the ideas of conscious consumption (recycling, cruelty free, sustainability

 - Introduce separate waste collection, and in the future — eliminate unnecessary waste: give up the use of disposable products in the salon and shift it to the Zero Waste status.

 - Create a cozy atmosphere in the salon will help its design, consisting of natural wood and green plants. Such an interior demonstrates naturalness and safety.

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