How to make discounts in a beauty salon

Nothing motivates customers to visit your salon more often than various bonuses and discounts. Promotions attract new customers and retains old ones. However, not every promotion will be interesting to your potential visitors. In this article, we’ll tell you about 3 ways of how to make discounts in a beauty salon, keep on reading!
1. Special offers
Calculating the amount of the discount is a difficult task, because you need to find the discount that will suit both you and your customers. In fact, it’s not necessary to make direct discounts in order to attract customers as it’s enough to offer additional free services as a gift.
For example, during the promotion, customers who come for a haircut receive a sample of styling cream or a small bottle of shampoo as a gift.
2. Bring a friend
An excellent advertisement for your salon can be those visitors who recommend your masters to their friends. Such customers can be encouraged with nice bonuses in the form of a discount or a free service. As a result, your regular customers receive additional motivation to return to the salon and at the same time bring new visitors to you.
3. Promotions for the holidays
Holidays are often a reason to visit a beauty salon. Everyone wants to look their best before an important event or holiday. For you, holidays are a great opportunity to attract new visitors with the help of promotions. For example, you can offer your visitors a 15% discount for certain services before Christmas.
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