How to make the best selfies after the keratin straightening at home!

Imagine that you’ve just walked out of your house after the home keratin straightening procedure. Maybe you’re still in the bathroom, staring in the mirror with your eyes full of delight! What’s the first thing after everything is done and you look amazing? Of course it’s selfie! How can you make your best selfie ever showing the beauty of your hair after the home keratin straightening procedure? Here are some useful tips!


- Lighting. Nowadays many women have special selfie-lamps in order to take selfies. There are models which can be attached directly on your smartphone. However, daylight is still the best light, so you are free to choose what you like the most. Remember that daylight is usually neutral or warm, while selfie-lamp light is always cold.


- Face. Watch your face! You can be nice, sassy, and sexy at the same time if you smile and lift one of your brows a little bit. In fact, you can just broadly smile, showing how happy about the result you are.


- Interior. Many women think that home interiors are not suitable for taking pictures, however it’s not true! You can just make a nice picture while standing in front of the mirror in your bathroom or bu the window. Your main goal is to show your hair, so don’t be very bothered about the background, as it will be almost unnoticeable on a selfie!


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