How to make your clients more loyal?

Each salon wants its clients to be loyal.  How can we get loyal customers nowadays, when there are so many beauty salons offering so many exclusive procedures? We have 6 exclusive tips, check them out!


  1. Provide discounts. Make a nice discount to new clients or on a birthday month for each client. It can be just a 10% discount, however, it’s always nice and shows your care for a client.


  1. Talk to your client. This may sound strange but in fact, lots of stylists just don’t know how to communicate with a client! As a result, a client leaves the salon disappointed, having no wish to ever go back there.


  1. Create a customer loyalty program.  You don’t have to give another plastic card to your client - we live in 2020, come on! Do it via the customer’s e-mail or phone number. The more visits to your salon - the more stars (or points, or whatever) your client gets, which he can lately spend at your salon on a particular procedure.


  1. Encourage customer feedback. Ask customers to write a review of your salon on the salon’s website. Don’t delete negative comments, on the contrary, try to find a compromise with the unsatisfied client. Such cases will show that you are honest and truly caring.
  2. Be transparent. Sometimes things go wrong and it’s perfectly fine. Your stylist may fall ill, you may run out of the needed hair dye color. Don’t try to make excuses - tell the truth, otherwise, the client will definitely feel that you are fooling him.


  1. Offer exclusive procedures. Novelties and exclusive treatments are the best things that make customers go back to your salon again and again. One of such procedures may become Brasil Cacau Keratin hair straightening. It is truly the most innovative and effective hair treatment. It increases the strength and elasticity if your hair, giving it a mirror shine and a perfect smooth.

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