Possible risks and side effects of keratin hair treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a procedure that can make your hair silky and shiny for up to 6 months! However, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, as even this advanced hair smoothing and straightening treatment has its side effects and risks. What are they? Keep on reading!

The main significant disadvantage of the procedure is that most of the keratin straightening formulas contain formaldehyde. Therefore, the procedure must be performed in a room with good ventilation in order to avoid poisoning with formaldehyde vapors. However, if you choose a high-quality keratin complex treatment, it won’t contain this nasty component. Try Brasil Cacau! It’s a formaldehyde-free professional hair care product line presented by Cadiveu professional. The Brazilian keratin treatment is the most innovative and effective procedure in the sphere of hair structure restoration. The composition restores and strengthens hair by increasing its strength and elasticity, improving the hair structure.

Remember that there is a risk of poisoning with formaldehyde only if the procedure is performed by an inexperienced hairstylist in an unventilated room without observing all safety rules.

Besides, the disadvantages of keratin hair straightening include:

- Reduced hair volume. By eliminating the effect of fluffiness, the hair starts to look less voluminous. Therefore, this procedure is not recommended for girls with thin natural hair.

- Don’t dye your hair for 2 weeks after straightening. During this period, only toners are allowed to be used. Ammonia-free hair dyes can be used 20 days after the procedure.

- Possible allergic reactions. If you are intolerable to any components of the product, the procedure shouldn’t be performed at all.

- The result of keratin hair straightening depends largely on the initial state of hair and health, as well as on the professionalism of the hairstylist and the quality of the products used by him.
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