How to market your salon or spa for Valentines day

Make special Valentine’s Day packages
Creating packages, keep in your mind, most people purchasing your services will be your clients’ partners. Accordingly, they may not know anything about spa treatments. To make things simple for them by combining a few Valentine’s Day bundles. Make several variants and add the most popular procedures, including chocolate or sparkling wine as a bonus. It’s Valentine’s Day, so you may also create packages for couples.

Advertise your service
Use social nets to promote your Valentine's Day gift ideas. Address to your client base to determine your target audience. Don’t forget that your ad should look attractive and Valentine’s Day-themed.

Organize a competition
In your ad, you can also mention a competition. For example, those who will buy Valentine’s Day bundles and share their pictures with the package in the social nets will have a chance to win a free service from your salon.

Partner up!
Make an agreement with a restaurant or cinema. Together you can create a unique package that will give your clients an opportunity to have an unforgettable and super romantic Valentine’s Day.
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