How To Nail The Natural-Looking Hair Color Trend

What can be better than the natural look? Especially when it comes to hair color. This season natural look will be popular more than ever! Hairstylists urge all ladies to reconsider their point of view and forget about creative hair dyeing forever. Let’s be naturally chic and glamorous!

One important thing you have to know for a proper choice of hair color is your personal color type - a combination of eye color, skin tone, and natural hair color. Traditionally there are four color types: Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn, depending on which colors prevail in your whole appearance, either dark or light, cold or warm. For example, Winter and Summer are cold color types, and Spring and Autumn are warm. Do a color type test before choosing the hair color.

Indeed, nothing emphasizes natural beauty like natural colors: blond, light and dark blond, dark with purple and blue shades, and of course, vivid reddish colors.

When choosing a light shade of hair, your preference should be given to natural and warm colors, such as sand, honey, light golden and copper. Don’t forget that unnatural Barbie look is out of fashion now! The only exception can be made with stylish short haircuts, for which an ashy cold blond will be welcomed.

For those ladies who want to dye their hair 1-2 tones lighter or darker, it is better to use tonic shampoos, they actually don’t harm the hair. Brunettes should choose some chocolate colors, dark and vivid. Redhead beauties are the luckiest: this season all shades of red and ginger colors are trendy. The only thing you should bear in mind is naturalness! 

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