How to open a salon: choosing premise, furniture and tools

If you decided to open your beauty salon, you should know that it won’t be easy, however, it will be so interesting and rewarding that it’s definitely worth it, and we’re here to help you! Check out our mini-guide on how to close the right premise, furniture and tools!
First of all, what type of salon are you going to have? Is it going to be a blow-bar or a full beauty salon with wide range of services? It’s the important question because a hair salon needs one premise, and a multi-service salon - another, a much larger one. Besides, mind the rental cost - how much will you be able to pay, especially at the beginning?
If we’re talking about the furniture, like mirrors, chairs, etc., pay attention to the national suppliers that have already proved to be trustworthy. Usually, they offer complimentary consultative services, which means that you can choose the most suitable of them after receiving a consultation. What’s more, a popular supplier will pretty fast replace any of the broken items when needed.
If we mean the small tools, like shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and other accessories, you have two options: either contact a product manufacturer for straight supplies or work with the local distributor, which you can easily find yourself on the Internet. Working with distributors is very beneficial, as they often offer free products, gifts, equipment or even free courses for salon stylists (it depends on the number of products that you buy). Besides, distributors may give you a piece of advice on pricing and ordering.
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