How to prepare a salon for the beginning of summer?

Say hello to summer! Are you ready for it? What’s more, is your salon fully ready? We have several tips on how you can prepare for the hottest season!


 - Big cleaning up. We are sure that your salon is absolutely fine, but big cleaning up is a thing that implies cleaning all the salon premises, all furniture, windows, even walls. We bet you will find something that should be freshened up and cleaned!


 - A special set of summer discounts and new promos for your clients. Summer is a season of vacations, so everyone is looking for the hottest sales and discounts in order to get ready for the holidays. Introducing some advantageous proposals will help you to attract new clients. Offer them a 10% discount on hair care procedures that will help them to save their hair in hot countries, for example.


 - Decorations. Here you have to take into account the overall interior design of your salon. We suggest the nice options are bright paper garlands, fresh flowers, and a new photo area. Let yourself be creative and have fun!

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