How to prepare your hair for the application of Brazil Cacau at home?

Brasil Cacau keratin treatment is a procedure that can be easily performed by you at home. However, if you want to achieve the best possible result, we recommend you prepare for this procedure. Many women wonder what preparatory steps should be taken? We have all the answers in this article!


First of all, this tip is for women who regularly dye their hair. Do this strictly before keratin hair straightening if it’s necessary at the moment or your hair roots have grown out. Don’t dye your hair after the Brasil Cacau keratin treatment for at least 14 days. The thing is that chemical components of hair dyes weaken the keratin effect. Dye your hair at least 10 days before the procedure in order to achieve the best result.


Secondly, wash your hair before the procedure but don’t style it. Then go to a room with nice lighting (daylight will be perfect), take a mirror, and try to determine your hair type. Check out our previous articles to see how to do it, or look for the information on the Internet.


It’s necessary for you to correctly set the flat iron temperature and define the product’s time of exposure. If you feel that you can’t do it on your own, contact your hairstylist and ask him for some help. We are sure that you’ll do everything correctly! 

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