How to prepare your salon for Saint Patrick’s Day

Didn’t you forget that Saint Patrick’s day is just around the corner? Do you have any associations with this day? We bet you remember wearing green attires and takes associated with shamrock, of course! This day won’t be the same without the stories about the leprechauns from Celtic belief in fairies. How can you prepare your salon for such a holiday? Check out this article and find it out!
In March and February announce and promote that your stylists will be happy to perform green (light-green) and red hair dyeing at a discount on St. Patrick's Day. Besides, mention, that not only hair dyeing will be available but eyelash, eyebrow, beard dyeing as well!
You can also promote green and green-red make-up: applying face (and even hair) paintings with clover leaves, and even with the whole flag of Ireland is fun!
If you actively go out on social networks with such announcements, your stylists won’t be left without work on March 16-17!
It’s also very beneficial to sell gift cards for the particular services in advance on Patrick's Day or the evening before it with the exact time of the service. Such a card looks like a great gift! Besides, if your salon has its own online beauty store, it’s worth making up a special holiday sale of green and red hair dyes and tint balms!
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