How to prepare yourself to meet your clients again?

Thank god in many countries and cities the government allowed beauty salons to work again. However, many salon owners simply don’t know how to greet their clients back and cope with an overwhelming amount of them! Check out this article to find all the answers to the questions that probably bother you pretty much!
First of all, make sure that you have fully prepared your beauty salon to 100% safe provision of services! That’s the most important point. Use special protective masks or respirators. Change them every 2-4 hours to provide the best protection. Use protective gloves as well. This may be inconvenient for the first time, but we promise that you will get used to them. Work only with clients who arrived in a protective mask and gloves or give them this personal protective equipment right at the salon entrance.
Secondly, keep the social distance. Don’t stand too close to your client. Speak louder, if you need it but keep a good distance for the provision of safety.
Return your clients. There may be various techniques that can be used in different combinations:
• Telephone calling;
• Email newsletter;
• SMS mailing;
• Remarketing.
Offer bonuses to the clients that you managed to return after this hard isolation period. It can be a nice discount on services in which they are interested. This will help them to be more loyal to your salon and show them that you missed them so much during the pandemic!
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