How to prevent customer churn in summer period?

Seasonal decline in the activity of clients in the summer is caused by the vacation period. August is considered especially inactive month in the salon business, when even the most notorious workaholics get tired of the city and go on vacation. How to prevent customer churn during the summer period? We have a solution!

 1. You can effectively cope with summer seasonality with the help of the planning of marketing activities, which must be carried out in advance. It will be incredibly difficult to increase the workload of your stylists when there IS a seasonal outflow of customers. To find out which services will have increased interest in the summer, and which are expected to become unpopular, you should always ask the customers themselves and analyze what they like.

 2. Prepare an attractive promotion. Such an action should be carefully thought out and planned considering the seasonality of demand for the services. There is no place for random actions in it! There are several directions in which you can move by organizing a powerful advertising campaign. It’s best to start promotional activities during a period of high activity, when the flow of visitors to the salon is stable. 

 3. It’s important to think about the needs of your customers during the summer. At this time, haircuts and reviving haircare procedures are very popular, as clients are willing to do both before and after the holidays. Take advantage of it!

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