How To Prevent Split Ends For Silky Smooth Locks

Split hair ends is a nasty problem for all women. In this article, we’ll try to find out if we can prevent it.

First of all, cut your hair once every 1-2 months, shortening it to 3.5 cm. Yes, we know that this is a lot, especially for those who care about the hair length, but preferring the hair length over the hair quality isn’t the best option, as long but dull and brittle hair looks worse than short but healthy and smooth.

Don’t use stylers of other heat devices too often. Flat irons, stylers and hair dryers heat the hair up to 200 degrees Celsius, thus making it dry and brittle. If you can’t live without daily hairstyling, don’t forget about the use of thermal protective products!

Gently comb your hair before washing it: this will reduce the risk of hair tangling and breaking when wet. Apply shampoo to the hair roots and gently wash it down, keeping the hair mostly in a straight position and making zigzag movements with your fingers along the entire hair length.

Try not to comb your hair while it’s wet.  This can be difficult, especially if you‘re in a hurry, however wet hair is extremely vulnerable for breakage.

Moisturize your hair ─ after high temperatures and active styling, it needs an additional dose of hydration. Use a mask at least once a week (for example our Brasil Cacau Deep Conditioning Mask) and try moisturizing express products in the form of mists and sprays.

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