How to promote a beauty salon correctly?

Salon advertising nowadays is super important, as the competition is extremely high, and your competitors use every opportunity to attract customers’ attention and get new clients in general. How should you promote your salon correctly can help you in this? Check it out in this article! 

First of all, make a promo. Let the people know that you have, for example, a brand new procedure or you have just opened. You should spark the people’s interest! Besides, make several posts in your social media accounts. The Internet works wonders with people’s awareness (thanks to reposts). Be consistent with your social media posts, make up polls, quizzes, questionnaires, and, most of all, share the works of your professionals! 

Ask your stylists to offer a new service or product to each client, mentioning its benefits. Be careful: don’t be too pushy and annoying. Your stylists should make their clients understand that they NEED your new product or procedure! 

Influencers. It would be nice if you attract your local bloggers or influencers to promote your salon via Instagram or other social media. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook have long ceased to be just social networks for communicating with friends and colleagues and have become serious platforms for promoting brands and products. 

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