How to promote salon on facebook

Treating the Cover Photo as a big advert is the best advice we can give to all successful marketing salons. This is our vast salon promotion action to everybody popping in for your page’s peek.

1.‪‪ Everything should be simple. An ordinary image/photo ought to be used. Bold and clean is best suitable for a magazine advertising. It will perfectly work here as well.

What else should you definitely do is assuring that the photo looks professional and attractive. In no way should fuzzy photos be taken. If you photograph a large number of salon Facebook pages, they will look amateur. You are unlikely to publish photos with low-quality clashing graphics or imagery on the official website of your company or on an advertising booklet. So, you are not advised to do it on your Facebook page as well.

2. Describe and advertise your company’s brand on Facebook

Always tend to stay on brand. We have published our general styling, font, and colors on our website. It is possible to make a choice of the color, styling or font according to your tastes. First customer impressions are taken into account. In no way should you forget the brand and professional rulebook just because it is Facebook rather than your official website.

3. Work out your unique Facebook commercial message

We send brief and clear marketing messages to our customers. Yours should be similar. For example, we tell our visitors the following:

Please, name 3 main business services provided by our salon. The answer includes email marketing assistance, design, and promotion of salon website as well as website support in social media.

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