How to properly care for stiff short hair with Brasil Cacau?

It’s believed that keratin treatment can only work well with the long locks, however, we know that many short-haired ladies from across the globe choose Brasil Cacau keratin straightening as their #1 haircare treatment! Do you have short hair and desperately look for a magic wand to improve the overall condition of your short yet gorgeous locks? Find it out in this article! 

The main difference between long and short hair is that you can’t just make a bun or a ponytail in case of a bad hair day if you have short hair. Styling is a must, and we know that this everyday routine can become tiresome and even dangerous for short hair due to the frequent use of heat devices. That’s why keratin treatment on short natural hair is a must! 

What’s more, all short haircuts, be it a shaggy or a bob, need texture to look great. When it comes to feminine options, keratin will make them look super sleek and shiny. As for the short haircuts such as super popular mallet, keratin will help you to make them much more voluminous without weighing your locks down. 

Our secret beauty weapon for short hair is Brasil Cacau! This system is based on keratin that can be applied to any type of hair in order to give it a mirror shine and smoothness. Brasil Cacau protects your hair from porosity and external damages. 

The composition of the product includes not only keratin but also additional moisturizing and softening additives: cocoa butter and D-panthenol, which work together in order to achieve a healthy condition of your hair.

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