How to properly distribute your products to salons?

What is the interaction between suppliers of products and a beauty salon – a mutually beneficial cooperation or a confrontation in which one of the parties certainly feels like a loser? How can suppliers organize long-term work with beauty salons? Find out answers to these questions in our article! 

Purchasing beauty products only for the salon needs and saving on home care not only reduce the efficiency of services, but also deprive the salon of the funds necessary for business development. The sale of home care products brings additional profit to the salon. We believe that the distributor, as a more competent partner in matters of business strategy, should convey this to the salon management when forming an order.

Besides, you shouldn’t rely on the salon to come up with promotions for a specific product, invest enough money, advertise it and sell. In fact, salons often don’t have the ability to organize even the simplest client days because of the lack of free specialists who are ready to organize this important event. 

Distributors should develop and offer their clients (beauty salons) attractive schemes of cooperation for the year ahead. The calendar of events (joint promotions and marketing events) should be developed by the distributor of products and the salon together.

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