How to Protect Hair Against Heat Damage This Fall Season

Autumn is the best season when it’s not too hot to leave your hair loose but not too cold to wear hats. Thus, many ladies start to experiment with their hairstyles using lots of heat devices. How can you protect your hair from heat damage this autumn? We’ve got all the answers, keep on reading!

 1. Use Thermal Protectors

Thermal protectors are applied to towel-dried hair. These sprays, foams, or lotions perform several functions at once. First, they lock in moisture inside the hair where it is needed. Secondly, they envelop each thin hair, reducing the risk of overdrying or overheating it. No more heat-damaged hair or dead hair ends this autumn!

 2. Dry Your Hair in a Cool Air Mode

Hot air has an undeniable advantage: it quickly evaporates excess moisture. However, hair dried in this way becomes overdried, but it perfectly keeps the shape that was given to it. Therefore, drying with a hot hairdryer is a good idea if you‘re going to style your hair in a particular way. However, don’t use hot air way too often or else it can become a cause of hair damage. 

 3. Use Brasil Cacau keratin hair treatment

Brasil Cacau is a professional line of products for hair straightening and restoration. The Brazilian straightening procedure is the most innovative and effective treatment in the sphere of hair structure restoration with the smoothing effect.

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