How to Protect Your Customer Bases

The situation when the stylist literally steals customers from the salon (especially if he quits) is quite common. To avoid such situations and work in service sector without losing funds and clients, it’s necessary to follow a few simple rules to protect the customer base. Find all useful tips in this article!
Rule 1. Don’t let the stylists check your database. If you need to give the master access to his schedule and to some data about the client, use CRM systems. It can show the appointment time, the client's name, his preferences, but hide the last name, contact details and other valuable information.
Rule 2. Put cameras in the salon. To get a more complete picture of the work of your staff, video cameras can be installed around the perimeter of your salon. However, not all of your workers may be happy and satisfied with the fact. 
Rule 3. Warn a potential worker about the inadmissibility of exchanging personal contacts with clients. At the time of hiring, the candidate must be warned about the prohibition to provide their own and receive personal data of visitors, as well as include this clause in the employment contract with an indication of penalties for its violation.
Rule 4. Bring up extremely loyal masters, both material and moral motivation is important. The employee should be interested in what he does, he should see his professional growth, and understand the prospects of his work in a beauty salon.
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