How to protect your customers inside the beauty salon!

Everybody knows that almost all beauty salons in the world are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many countries now are easing the restrictions, so some beauty salons can be allowed to work pretty soon. In connection to this, many salon owners wonder how can they protect clients inside the beauty salon? Check out our article in order to find it out!


  1. Use special protective masks or respirators, if you have such an opportunity. Change them every 2-4 hours in order to provide the best protection.


  1. Use protective gloves. This may be inconvenient for the first time, but we promise that you will get used to them. Don’t ignore this important protective measure! Choose thin latex gloves that are comfortable to use.


  1. Work only with clients who arrived in a protective mask and gloves. This is vitally important both for you and your client.


  1. Install the protective walls between armchairs, if possible. It’s not expensive but will provide additional protection. Choose clear materials in order not to create an illusion of isolated cabins.


  1. Ventilate your salon every 2-3 hours. You can either open the window or use a conditioning system. Try to maintain fresh clean air in the salon, it’s very important.


  1. Use alcohol-based wipes of hand sanitizer every time you touch the doorknobs. Don’t touch them without any necessity.


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