How to raise prices and not to lose customers

In order not to lose your loyal customers when you decided to raise your prices, you should be ready for the systematic work to be done. This work can be divided into several steps:
1. Warn customers about future changes;
2. Justify and explain the price increase;
3. Change the prices (slowly do it step by step!)
Step 1. Warn customers about price increase
The sooner you start warning your customers that prices will increase, the better. Over time, people will get used to the realization of the new price for the services and will not be shocked. Smooth transition to new prices allows retaining 95% of regular customers.
If you‘re going to raise prices in March or April, start warning your customers as early as January. Choose all possible channels for delivering information: masters, receptionist, poster at the reception, SMS messages, email newsletters, even mailing lists. Your goal is to ensure that every client is aware of the upcoming change in the salon.
Justify the price increase
Any appeal to a client must have a reason, be it a promotion or a special offer. Increasing the price should be definitely justified by you. You can have any reason - internal or external.
Internal reason. The master was trained, won a competition, raised his professional level and now the cost of work for his services is more expensive. For example, now he started performing keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment using new knowledge, thus, the prices for these services increased.
External reason. Due to the crisis, the rise in the dollar exchange rate, the prices of suppliers, and, accordingly, of services also increased.
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