How to Reduce Heat Damage from Flat Ironing your Hair

Each time when you use the hair straightener, follow this scheme:

Wash your hair thoroughly, be sure to use a mask. Buy a special straightening shampoo; it will make the curls softer and more docile.

Dry your head with a hairdryer, preferably with brushing, or a towel.

Comb your hair thoroughly with a round comb.

Apply a spray or oil for thermal protection. Especially effective are ones containing keratins and silk proteins. They will help protect the hair from the environment, which can reduce to nothing all the effort you put into creating hairstyles.

Apply oil to the ends of the hair. They are most affected by the rectifier. If this is not done, the ends will soon be cut, become brittle and dry.

To avoid frequent use of ironing, we recommend using keratin for hair straightening.
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